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Department of Biology and Chemistry

Biology and chemistry are both indispensable fields for the realization of a society with the possibility of sustainable development. The Department of Biology and Chemistry is made up of two courses: the “Biology Course” and the “Chemistry Course”. Both courses conduct training and research with the aim of cultivating graduates with high levels of expertise and academic knowledge across a wide range of cross-curricular fields, including molecular biology, biological chemistry and biophysical chemistry.


Biology Course Page

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The type of graduate we aim to cultivate

Biology Course


Students learn the fundamentals of biology and chemistry and

cultivate the ability to comprehensively understand biological characteristics from the molecular level to the level of the individual. We conduct training that corresponds to the development of contemporary biology in order to cultivate graduates who can utilize the knowledge and methods they acquire to contribute to society through the fields related to biology.


Chemistry Course


This course cultivates graduates who understand the properties and transformational mechanics of both artificially created and organic substances at the atomic and molecular level. We cultivate graduates who can solve the issues contemporary society is faced with through fields related to the environment and chemistry.


Whom we are looking for

  • People with a passionate desire to learn about biology, chemistry and their interdisciplinary fields, and who aim to work in these fields in the future
  • People who can patiently engage in deep study and consider natural phenomena empirically and theoretically
  • People proactive about learning, with the drive to take on new fields of learning


Relationship between undergraduate and graduate schools

Students can advance into one of two graduate schools from the Department of Biology and Chemistry. The graduate school the student advances into depends on the advisor he or she wishes to work with.