Pathways in the Department of Geosphere Sciences



Graduates go on to work in production industries such as ceramics, as geology consultants, as civil servants and as science instructors. Our high graduate placement in careers that use expert knowledge in fields forming the foundation of society, including basic research and design for large construction projects such as roads, tunnels and dams, disaster planning, and resource and environmental research, is the hallmark of our program.


In the field of geological surveying and consulting, graduates use the methods learned in field research at university as a base for performing on-site work such as excavation and geophysical prospecting. In ore and oil prospecting, graduates analyze satellite imagery and conduct simulations to estimate amounts and qualities of resources.


Understanding the formation of stones and rocks, geological strata and geological structures, and the various factors behind their creation is indispensable to these careers. The lectures, experiments and practicums conducted at the Department of Geosphere Sciences connect directly to technical careers in geology.