Sample Room

Geoscience Samples Room and Gondwana Specimen Catalogue

 “Seeing is believing!”

5Catalogue_Hyohon.jpg2Catalogue_Gondwana.jpgThe geoscience samples room and Gondwana specimen catalogue were built with the objective of providing students with a chance to learn in the presence of actual rocks and minerals they hear about in courses. Students studying geoscience for the first time may be overwhelmed by the various terms and concepts that appear. Using these rooms, and their co-published guidebooks (“Viewing Minerals and Rocks” [Remark 1] (2nd Edition) and “Viewing Four Billion Years of Geological History”), students can easily learn about these samples using wall panels and actual specimens.


Geoscience Samples Room (North Science Building, 4th Floor, Room 410)

Gondwana Specimen Catalogue (North Science Building, 4th Floor, Room 420)

  • Opened in July 2012


“Gondwana” refers to a massive continent made up of Antarctica, Australia, India and Africa said to exist roughly six hundred million years ago. The specimen catalogue systematically displays and stores over five thousand rock specimens from between 3.7 billion years ago to six hundred million years ago, from Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and South Africa. This includes specimens from Napier in East Antarctica dating back approximately four billion years.