Message from Dean

Welcome to our homepage! I am Hiroshi Matsuno, working as the dean of the Faculty of Science since April 2014. Yamaguchi University is one of the oldest universities of Japan, having its roots in the "Yamaguchi Koudou" which was established by Houyou Ueda in 1815. To commemorate this long history, a ceremony celebrating the 200th anniversary will be held in 2015.

Yamaguchi University consists of 8 faculties including our faculty, the Faculty of Science, which stems from the old Yamaguchi High School established under the educational system of the Meiji era. We will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. As the current dean, and as a former student who entered Yamaguchi University on that very year 1978 when our faculty emerged from the former Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, I feel a personal connection to, and a responsibility for such a long history.

The Faculty of Science has 6 departments, Mathematical Science, Physics,Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, and Information Science, performing cutting edge research of these field of science, aiming at the education of students for the cultivation of human resources that can contribute to the progress of social activities, nation-wide as well as world-wide. This website includes not only the contents of these departments but also information on latest news and events of our faculty. I invite you to explore and learn about the history as well as the present activities of our faculty. Thank you for visiting!


Prof. Hiroshi Matsuno, Doctor of Science
Dean, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University

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