Kiyokazu Ohashi Senior Lecturer


Kiyokazu Ohashi

Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation, Yamaguchi University

College of Science

Department of Earth Sciences

E-mail oohashik[AT]
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Research fields Structural geology, Field geology, Experimental rock deformation
Research Interests 1.Tectonic evolution of brittle shear zones, fault zones, and active faults
2.Fault zone architecture and physico-chemical processes of fault zones
3.Short- to long-term strength evolution of faults
Introduction I have investigated the deformed/fault rocks exposed in different geological settings (i.e., active faults, crustal shear zones and modern/exhumed accretionary complexes) based on field survey and material analysis, to clarify the structural evolution and physico-chemical processes of crustal faults and subduction thrust faults. Additionally, I have performed laboratory experiments (low- to high-velocity friction experiment, triaxial deformation experiment) in order to quantify mechanical properties of rocks and verify the natural processes in the laboratory.
Keywords fault and earthquake, active fault, fault rocks, friction experiments, dynamic weakening