Consultation Center

Do you have any problems with your studies or your daily life? If so, come to the consultation center.

International Student Center

A consultation center for foreign students. We hold language classes and cultural exchange events.


Student Consultation Center

When you find it difficult to talk directly to your advisor, make use of the consultation spaces called “tea salon” or “terakoya (temple school)” established in each department and course. Upperclassmen and graduate students are ready at set times to help you with any academic consultation.




Harassment Consultation

If you have been harassed by fellow students or instructors, consult with the following instructor. All consultations are held in strict confidentiality.


Other Consultation Services

On days when the consultation centers are not open, contact an instructor on the student board at the academic office or student support center window.


The university also includes the following consultation options.


1. Health Administration Center

2. Student Life Consultation Window

3. Student Consultation Center