[2017/9/21] 理学部サマープログラム2017を実施しました

8.27 SUN

AM: Arrival at Fukuoka Airport

PM: Welcome party

8.28 MON

Full day: Excursion on geology and biology around Mine Akiyoshidai

Geopark, including breathtaking limestone cave.

8.29 TUE

AM: Program introduction

PM: Lecture on informatics. [Bioinformatics (modeling of gene networks)]

8.30 WEd

AM: Lecture on Mathematical Sciences. [Plane tiling problems by regular polygons.]

PM: Lecture on chemistry. [Chemistry Experiment]

8.31 THU

AM: Lecture on radio astronomy in preparation for afternoon excursion.

PM: Fieldtrip: Yamaguchi 32m/34m radio telescopes, Rurikoji temple.

9.1 FRI

AM: Final presentation & closing Seminar with lunch

PM: Free time

9.2 SAT

Packing and departure

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