To Students Taking the Entrance Examination


What can I learn in the Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science?

1. Learn everything from the basics of natural science to state of the art applications.

2. Learn to think logically and to possess a flexible imagination.

3. Learn the skills necessary to build a career based on a wide breadth of natural science knowledge.

4. Obtain teaching or curator certification.



What kinds of departments are available at the Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science?

The Faculty of Science is made up of the following departments.



These departments are divided into the following six fields of education and research.

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Earth science
  • Chemistry
  • Information science


What makes the Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science unique?

  • Experience practicums and experiments using state of the art technology.
  • We promote small group education.
  • Active support for student learning.



How are university lectures different from high school classes?

In high school, classes take all classes together in the same classroom. At university, because classes take place concurrently, students choose for themselves which classes they wish to take. You may not be in the same classes with students in the same department. Classes last for 90 minutes and require serious preparation and review. If there are points you cannot understand after studying, the Faculty of Science offers support in the learning consultation space, where you can freely ask questions.


What is graduate school like?

Students wishing to continue research or further their career after four years of university can continue to graduate school. Graduate school is composed of Master’s courses and Doctoral courses, which take two and three years to complete, respectively. Students who complete the Master’s course receive a Master’s degree. Students completing the three year Doctoral course receive their Doctorate. About half of our students continue to graduate school.


See the graduate school page for more information


How is the area around Yamaguchi University?

The area around Yamaguchi University’s Yoshida Campus includes many lodgings and apartments in walking distance (rent starts at ¥20,000 per month). There is also a student dormitory on campus.


The area also includes supermarkets and cafeterias, so students can cook for themselves or eat out.


What’s Yamaguchi University like?

See “To Students Taking the Entrance Examination” on the Yamaguchi University homepage.


What’s Yamaguchi City like?

Please consult the Yamaguchi City tourism information site: Welcome to Yamaguchi City


What’s Yamaguchi Prefecture like?

Please consult the Yamaguchi Prefecture tourism information site: Japan Travel Guide: YAMAGUCHI