Acquiring Teaching and Other Certifications

Acquiring Teaching Certification

The teaching certifications categories and subjects that can be acquired in the departments of the Faculty of Science are as follows.


Students must enroll in teaching courses in addition to the specialized courses corresponding with their license.


  • Junior High School General Teaching License (Mathematics)
  • Senior High School General Teaching License (Mathematics, Science, Information)


Students can obtain the following licenses by taking the applicable courses in graduate school.


  • Junior High School Specialized Teaching License (Mathematics, Science)
  • Senior High School Specialized Teaching License (Mathematics, Science, Information)


Acquiring Curator Certification


Curators are professionals who conduct business related to the collection, storage, display and investigative research of museum materials as regulated by the Museums Law.


Students in the Faculty of Science can obtain curator certification.



Other Certifications


Students in the Department of Geosphere Sciences can acquire the following certifications.


  • Assistant Surveyor
  • Associate Professional Engineer (Regional Environmental Science Course)