Entrance Examinations

The following is entrance examination information for the Faculty of Science.


The Faculty of Science conducts AO examinations, recommendation examinations, returnee examinations, privately funded foreign exchange student examinations, and general entrance examinations (early schedule, late schedule)


Overview of 2014 Entrance Selection


Quota Students Recruited
General Exam AO Exam Special Selection
Early Schedule Late Schedule Recommendation Exam Returnee Exam
Department of Mathematical Sciences 50 35 10 5 Few
Department of Physics and Information 60 33 17 5 5
Department of Biology and
80 46 22 4 8
Department of Geosphere Sciences 30 15 7 4 4


220 129 56 13 22


  1. If the number of students passing the AO and recommendation examinations does not fulfill the quota, openings will be filled from participants in early schedule general recruitment.
  2. The number of students recruited through special examinations are included in the recruitment numbers for the early schedule.


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