Graduate School

An Invitation to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Yamaguchi University


math_img1.pngThe Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Science and Engineering offers a Master’s course in mathematical sciences after undergraduate studies. Students will obtain a Master’s degree through the completion of a two year program.


“An Invitation to Graduate School” (Graduate School of Science and Engineering - Mathematical Science Pamphlet)


Graduate School Entrance Examination

The first examination takes place in August, while the second examination is an interview exam in January. There is a quota of 16 students. For details on recruitment, see the following page



In addition to fixed lectures, the center of graduate education is the seminar. Under the tutelage of an instructor chosen when entering, students enter seminars of one to two students. The material is much more difficult than that given in undergraduate courses, and preparatory study is crucial. Students complete their Master’s thesis over two years, and finally present their research at the “Master’s Thesis Conference”.



Graduate students are provided with a research space called a “graduate student room”. Normally, four to five students are assigned to a room. Each room is equipped with network-enabled PCs and printers. Students can also use the “IT room”, which is equipped with computer equipment, and the “presentation room”, which includes a multimedia environment for practicing for interviews and presentations. In addition to the central university library, students can access and check out books from the Department of Mathematical Sciences Library, which includes over 30,000 titles. Students each receive one university e-mail address. This address ends in the domain, making it useful for job hunting.



In small sized seminars, students can acquire advance knowledge and deepen their understanding of their field. Our school also offers the following merits in terms of career opportunities.


Teachers: Here, you can obtain not only general, but also specialized teaching certification. Specialized certification is a prerequisite for becoming a principal or vice-principal. Students can take the examination for teacher recruitment even during their first year, and there are two chances in total to take the examination by completion of the course. Some prefectures will wait for students who pass the examination during the first year of their Master’s study until graduation. Also, as stated in the DPJ’s political manifesto under the heading “six-year teacher training”, teachers may be required to obtain a postgraduate degree in the future.


Civil servants: Students can take the examination during their first year, which opens their examination chances. Some positions for UN staff and in international civil service require a Master’s degree.


Business: Most businesses differentiate between pay for “undergraduate program graduates” and “Master’s program graduates”. Many careers for graduates in the sciences require a Master degree as a prerequisite.


Educational Experience

Students can work as teaching assistants (TA), in which they receive a salary to assist instructors in education. This is a formal position available upon appointment by the university, and you can enter it as job experience on your resume. By instructing undergraduate students as a TA, you gain practical educational experience. There are also positions such as the “learning consultation space” in which you can answer undergraduate questions. In addition, some graduate students gain education experience working as a part-time senior high school instructor during their studies.