Educational Principles

Principles and Objectives for Education and Research.

In the Department of Physics and Informatics, students obtain a scientific grounding through thought and learning about the academic fields of physics and informatics. We cultivate flexible imagination and critical thinking, and raise graduates who can serve society with a broad outlooks.

Our Ideal Student (Admission Policy)

  1. Students with an interest in learning about physics, informatics and their interdisciplinary fields, and who aim to work in these fields in the future
  2. Students who can patiently engage in study and who like to think logically
  3. Students who wish to learn the broad fundamentals of science and mathematics and challenge new fields of study

Targets for Graduation (Graduation Policy)

Department of Physics and Informatics GP

  1. Students have a systematic understanding of the fundamental knowledge of physics and informatics as well as the mathematics that serve as their foundation.
  2. Students have obtained the necessary logical thinking and information utilization skills for understanding physics and informatics and applying their results in other fields.
  3. Students have obtained the ability for self-learning through learning physics and informatics.
  4. Based on knowledge of physics and informatics, students have obtained the quantitative and qualitative ability to understand natural scientific phenomena, have developed the ability to discover specific problems in society and natural science based on this knowledge, and have learned the creative thinking abilities necessary to solve them.
  5. Students have the Japanese abilities to present their claims and results in a format easy for others to understand, and to express them accurately in writing. Also, students have learned the communication skills necessary to listen to the claims of others and answer with their own opinions appropriately.