Laboratory Name


Research Content

Dielectric Physics

Prof. Takanao ASAHI

Experimental research on structural phase transitions of dielectrics and ferroelasticity using X-ray diffraction, dielectric measurement, and thermal analysis methods

Electromagnetic Astrophysics

Prof. Kenta FUJISAWA

Assoc. Prof. Koutarou NIINUMA

Lecturer Kazuhito MOTOGI

Observational research of active galactic nuclei using very long baseline interferometry (VLBI)

Magnetic Substances

Lecturer Tetsuya FUJIWARA

Research on the physics of magnetic substances

Machine learning · Perception

Assoc. Prof. Xian-Hua Han

Research on machine learning and artificial intelligence for image analysis/understanding

Chemical Physics

Lecturer  Yuka HORIKAWA

Experimental research on electronic states of liquid molecules by soft X-ray spectroscopy

Structural Phase Transition

Assoc. Prof. Hironobu KASANO

Research on structural phase transition in dielectrics

Mathematical Information Science

Assoc. Prof. Masaki KAWAMURA

Neural network research

CDMA and electronic watermarking research

Network Science

Prof. Hiroshi MATSUNO

Assist.Prof. Adrien Faure

Techniques for structuring wireless computer networks and applying computer to genome analysis

Bioinformatic Systems

Prof. Jun NISHII

Computation theory of the brain

Information theory analysis of movement mechanisms

Polymer Physics

Prof. Koji NOZAKI

Crystal structure and phase transition of polymers and long-chain molecules

Communication Theory

Assoc. Prof.  Takayuki NOZAKI

Coding theory and its applications

Theoretical Astrophysics

Prof. Nobuyuki SAKAI

Assist.Prof. Ryo SAITO

black holes and compact objects, big-bang cosmology, gravitational theories, sports physics

Elementary Particle Theory

Prof. Kiyoshi SHIRAISHI

Research on nuclear theory, elementary particle theory and gravitational field cosmology

Image Information Science

Assoc. Prof. Noriaki SUETAKE

Research on intelligent image signal processing

Systems Information Science

Prof. Eiji UCHINO

Research on brain computing

Complex Systems Science

Lecturer Masahiko UEDA

Dynamics of multi-agent systems

Biological Molecular Simulation

Assoc. Prof. Naohito URAKAMI

Cyclodextrin clathrate formation

Vesicle formation and morphological change

Dynamics in the adipose domain of vesicles

Formation of ordered structures in microemulsions