Overview and History


The 21st century demands the development of creative science and technology to continuously maintain a society with stable economic prosperity based on peace between nations and harmony with nature. At the Faculty of Science of Yamaguchi University, based on the achievements of education and research in the six fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and informatics, we aim to train graduates who uphold the foundation of science and technology, and utilize their creativity from a comprehensive viewpoint based on a deep understanding of nature. We fulfill a crucial role in our knowledge-based society.


Yamaguchi University was inaugurated in 1949 when the Faculty of Literature and Science was established at the former Yamaguchi Senior High School. The Department of Science in the Faculty of Literature and Science was expanded in 1978 to the Faculty of Science, made up of the five departments of Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science and Mineralogy.


In 1982, the Graduate School of Science was established (with five Master’s courses), and in 1990 it was reinforced with an increase in basic computer science courses to strengthen the field of informatics. In 1995, the Faculty was rearranged into three departments: the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Department of Informatics for the Natural Sciences and Chemistry and the Department of Earth Science. In 1997, the Graduate School of Science was replaced by the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, establishing three Master courses in science corresponding to three undergraduate departments, and a Doctoral course in Environmental Science and Engineering.


In April 2006, the departments were rearranged into the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics and Informatics, the Department of Biology and Chemistry, and the Department of Geosphere Sciences. The Yamaguchi University science graduate schools were also rearranged to provide a maximized graduate school system.


Fundamental Objectives of the Faculty of Science

The Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science aims to solve the problems of the 21st century through the natural sciences, aiming to produce coexistence with nature while realizing a wealthy human society. The fundamental objectives of our current mid-term goals are given below.


  1. Conduct systematic education and research for the development of the natural science fields, and educate graduates with creativity and flexibility. 
  2.  While raising the potential of fundamental and foundational research in the natural science fields,conduct state of the art research. Discover truths while creating the foundation for the development of science and technology needed to realize coexistence with nature. 
  3.  Raise the academic and cultural standard of the region as a department tasked with fundamental scientific research at a major regional university. 
  4.  Develop high level research, and spread the results of that research from Yamaguchi to all around the globe, contributing the advance of international academics and culture.