Student supports

Contact the academic office with any questions about enrollment.

Syllabus - Course Plans - School Year

Student Support System

This system allows users to register for courses, view course cancellation information, check grades and view syllabi. It’s very important, so please check it periodically.

Intensive courses for which schedules are not set at the beginning of the school year will have schedules posted on bulletin boards in the Faculty of Science courtyard. There are some intensive courses that do not permit online registration. In this case, contact the academic office.


Schoolwide Web Syllabus

Search for syllabi and download them as PDF files.

List of Faculty’s Offices and Lecture Halls

This shows you where all lecture halls and instructor offices are located.


Notifications and Message Boards

Notifications of test dates, classroom changes and cancellations are posted. However, summons are not displayed.


Faculty of Science Electronic Message Board (Web Version)

Notifications of cancellations and classroom changes.


Faculty of Science Electronic Message Board (Mobile Version)

Short URL:

A mobile version for easy viewing with cell phones.


Application Documents

Documents needed to apply to submit a Master’s thesis.